Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bag Lady

This is a just for fun kind of post. Allie and I decided to do a dual post today and each share what we're carrying around these days. Mine is pretty typical honestly, but I love sharing these anyway! Go ahead: be nosy. :)

*cough drops
*rainbow heart necklace (Rue 21)
*headband (Claire's)
*eos lip balm
*cell phone
*rings (Icing and Fashion Bug)
*Cover Girl raspberry lip gloss
*Clinique lip gloss
*nail polish in "Cinna-snap"
*Sharpie pens
*Trident gum
*Hilary Duff "With Love" hand lotion
*flash drive
*slouchy hat in oatmeal color
*Kindle and case

So go over and check out Allie's and see what she's got in her purse. :)



ckscribbles said...

I always love seeing what people have in their bags! Thanks for sharing.


Carrie Rosalind said...

I love the "what's in your bag" posts too! Fun post! :)

Emily Mae said...

You have a Kindle? Awesome! It seems like so many people I know do. Aren't they great? :D