Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Week. New Adventures.

Last week was... a little scattered. This week will be better. I'm more prepared, more inspired and more motivated! I have a lot to accomplish this week and I'm ready to get to it. Plus, fall is officially here! I've been on some thrifting adventures lately where I've picked up some pretty autumn decorations for our little home. I love fall so much.

Well after seeing Allie's pretty post with her recent flickr faves, I figured I was about due for one of those as well. haha It's been so long!

1. <3, 2. blogged:, 3. Giant Dwarf // Farfallette Bows, 4. Granny square bunting, 5. Have a Seat, 6. Art Journals, 7. Untitled, 8. sunny d!, 9. Y:2 Day 165: A is for Alice, 10. tuesday :: green, 11. {Trinkets}, 12. Elsie wearing sparrow necklace, 13. cute shoes (and rug), 14. Vintage romper, 15. tjo, 16. Untitled

So I'm going to start this week on a positive note.

This week I will:

*eat lots of yummy Apple Jacks
*draw a lot in my moleskine
*blog as much as possible
*finish the knitted hat I have started
*get a good grade on my Nutrition test
*make time for ME no matter how busy I am
*be focused and ready for anything!


1 comment:

Ashley said...

This week...

*you will be in Florida! :)