Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ghost of Journals Past

This is the haunting of the Ghost of Journals Past! Unlike some of the people in the crafting community, I kept a journal LONG LONG before any RVA online class. I started keeping a daily journal the FIRST day of freshman year of high school. Mostly writing, but the more I journaled, the more I wanted to paste things in and keep them forever. When I went off to college, I put most of my journals in a box, duct taped it closed, and put it in storage, but I have a few still left sitting out in my room. I thought I would share some of my pages where I taped fun things in and pasted my memories down. It's fun to get a peek into my high school self.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some thoughts from my teenage self. Oh how times have changed... and then again, not at all. :)
I challenge you to look back and reminisce a little.


Lucy said...

I remember my Freshman year of high school, you let me take a peek at your journal. And it totally inspired me to not just simply write my thoughts down. :)
So I would like to say, thank you.

AmyFlorence said...

These are great! I'm always stumbling across old journals when I'm tidying, and end up sitting and reading them for hours! Such a great distraction! :)