Thursday, June 3, 2010

for me

Here are a few things that are IN in the life of Elaine and a few that are OUT!


1. Driving. I love driving my new car. lovelovelove. I was really missing out in high school!

2. Casual but classy. I love piling on the layers of neutrals, a belt, and a pretty lipstick. So put-together and wonderful.

3. YouTube. I've started my own channel and hopefully I can update it often!

4. Metallics. omg studs and metallic accessories are rocking my LIFE lately!

5. Simplicity. Simplifying my life is a must lately. I do not have room in my life to be overwhelmed!


1. Grandma clothes. I'm tired of dressing like I'm 90 already. haha Summer is a time of renewal!

2. Knitting. Just haven't been in the mood lately.

3. Stress. This last month has been eye-opening for me and I've realized that I have a lot of undue sterss in my life that has to GO!

4. Frequent Tanning. Although I like having a sun-kissed color to my skin, I'm content with my creaminess for now. :)

5. Plaid. Just not loving it lately. No real reason! Just leaning more toward stripes and chevrons. <3

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AmyFlorence said...

I love lists! I'm trying to de-stress my life too - hope it's working for you! :)