Friday, May 21, 2010


This summer I've been living at Ian's house since there are more jobs in his city than mine. I live in a really small town and the possibility of jobs is pretty much exclusive to the theme park in it which I worked at for 6 years. I'm avoiding it like the plague, so that puts me here at Ian's!

I don't really mind because I get to be with him, they have a pool, and i'll be able to work. But i do miss being at home. I miss our patio and hanging out with my family and being able to walk to our library every day. I did the same thing last summer, but there's one major difference in my living situation this time: I have a dresser! Last summer we thought it would be temporary, so I was pretty much living out of a duffel bag. lol

It's nice to have a place to put my wardrobe, shoes and accessories. Also, a place to do my hair and makeup. <3 Thanks to Ian, the room is very "Elaine friendly" now complete with an organized bookshelf, hook to hang my bathrobe, and 5 whole drawers all to myself. :)

Update on the job front: I had an interview at a Claire's Boutique today for a shift manager position. The interview went VERY well and I was dressed WAY cute, to boot. But unfortunately she told me that the position isn't actually for another 2 months. :( Grrrr. So that puts me back at the drawing board. 17 applications out right now. *fingers crossed*

here's what I wore to my interview:

shirt: peach petal tank from Old Navy
cardi: thrifted
pants: gray jeans from Old Navy
wide belt: Old Navy
shoes: studded flats from Payless Shoes
bag: gray zipper purse from Old Navy
headband: Goody
necklace: gemstone bow on silver chain
ring: vintage pink cocktail ring with gemstone detail

I also got some pretty sheer and shimmery coral lipstick today and it is AMAZING! Can't wait to rock it while wearing one of my little ruffle dresses. <3

Also got a new cell this week-- FINALLY. I got the LG Cosmos and it's been a pretty good little phone so far. The battery life is questionable as of yet, but overall it's awesome. I've never had a phone with a full keyboard, and it's been amazing for texting! lovelovelove. :)

Well I think that's about it for my post of randomness abound. haha This has been a crazy one, but I hope you enjoyed it. ;)

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Ashlotte said...

Good luck on the job front! I'm right there with you at the moment.... I'm crossing my fingers for both of us!!