Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Blowout

Ok so Craftcake Designs is positively bursting at the seams with leftover merchandise from updates gone by. I'm trying to sift through everything and get some room in my "warehouse" and make room in the shop for new fresh designs. And for that reason, Craftcake Designs is having a massive SALE from today until next Friday (maybe longer if necessary) where almost EVERYTHING in the shop is marked down! I have put discount on almost every item and a discount on shipping costs as well!

Hand painted trinket box

Hand painted raindrop love

Catalog Postcard sets

and more!
Other bargains include items from:
*Winter 2009 Valentine's Update
*Spring 2009 Wishes and Secrets update
*Summer 2009 Neverland Line Update

I'm also going to be adding a few brand new listings at a discounted price for the first few days! (hint: vintage, paper products, and more!)

And you're thinking, "It can't possibly get better than this!" But you're wrong, my friend.

With EVERY purchase from now until Friday April 16, there will be a FREE original ACEO (Art Card) included! ACEOs are a fantastic way to collect original art at an affordable price!

So get on over to Craftcake Designs and adopt the cutie crafts you've been waiting for! Now's your chance!


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