Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paper Monster

My mom has this theory about all the papers that collect in our house. You know, the bills, the junk mail, and the lovely SCRAPBOOKING papers and scraps. She calls it the "attack of the Paper Monster." I think she's right. I have this fetish and obsession for all things paper.

In my Lithography class, we're starting our unit on talking about all kinds of papers and how they're made. I'm GEEKING out. If you know me, you know that anything I can cut up and paste down, i do. :)

This also goes into the different craft and art modes I go into. I rotate through different craft genres. Sometimes I'm in fabric mode where I make things with felt and fabric for a few weeks and that's all I'm inspired to do. Other times it's yarn, other times it's beads. But more often than not, it's paper. I'm a collector and a connoisseur of all things paper, my friends.

here's some of the newest designer lines that I'm obsessed with and want to eat with a spoon:

+K&Co. Poppy Seed specialty line

+Hambly Screen Prints sewing rub ons and classic animal rub ons

+Cosmo Cricket Material Girl collection

+Basic Grey Green at Heart line

There's so many more sides of the "Paper Monster" that I love, but there's some goods ones.... especially the Hambly... I digress...
Alrighty, well my day today includes work, Spanish class, quick trip to Anderson for ian to grab stuff at his house, quick trip to the tuxedo rental place for last minute notes before the groomsmen fitting on Saturday, then home to scrap. WHEW!
I'll probably be back late tonight with my layout of the day!
Blog you later!


Lehua Ruble said...

you and me both! i love paper. i have a big box of paper that i keep just because....

PaperCameraScissor said...

I love paper too. I seem to hoard the ones I love. I want the Sassafras lass and Cosmo cricket and BG. You get the point--:D

I went through some of my goodies for you can you use chipboard letters some are silver, blue shiny, and velvet--of course some of the letters are missing but you never know what you can do with them. I also have a vintage valentine for you in the pile. I have the love,elsie chipboard buttons( they are a little old but I know we both adore her and they would be perfect for your pages) let me know if you can use any of this--:D i am still looking

mel said...

i agree with your craft phases comment. i've done most of them. i do keep coming back to scrapbooking though, it's the most meaningful one for me.