Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feature: Amy Lapi

Meet Amy! inspirational blogger and artist of Peace Love Cupcakes!
1. Name: Amy Elizabeth Lapi :)

2. Age: 23

3. Tell a little bit about your blog and etsy shop!
I've been blogging for about four years now. My blog allows me the chance to express myself, document life, share photos and creative ideas, inspire and challenge myself, and above all, meet new friends. Etsy, dear etsy. How I love you so. I still haven't decided which part of Etsy if I enjoy more; shopping or selling. My shop started out as eight original paintings that I shared for the world to purchase. I had no idea that I would come this far... I now have over forty original paintings and prints available for purchase, and have recently included wearables (like these cute headbands) and scrapbooking supplies (like this faux polaroid frames).

4. How would you describe your personal style?
This is a toughie, because I really love a LOT of different styles. I really love vintage collars, lace, embellishments, buttons, floral patterns, lots of accessories, bright nail polish, and mixing colors, patterns, and fabrics that other people may frown upon. I have a weekly blog feature called playing dress up, where I post a lot of fashion and style-related photos.

5. What are your current obsessions?
Granny squares! I started a project called Operation Granny Square, where you can send granny squares and in turn, I'm donating money to Haiti. I've been sort of obsessed with this project! You can read more about it here. Other obsessions are owls, reading, home decor, inspiring blogs, and cute dresses.

6. What kinds of crafts and hobbies are your favorites?
Easy! Scrapbooking, painting, crocheting, drawing, sketching, journaling, sewing, decorating, and just plain ole' making stuff.

7. What inspires you most in your art, wardrobe and home decor?
Brian Andreas quotes, Kobi Yamada books, my amazingly crafty friends and their blogs (links on my blog sidebar), my journal, cool color pallets, 500 Days of Summer (and Zooey Daschnel in general), great music lyrics, weheartit, and pretty much everything else.

8. Describe what you do on your perfect day off of work!
Paint, take photos, walk around, watch movies and listen to music, sleep in, and make an art journal while drinking a skinny vanilla latte.

9. What are some style goals or things you want to accomplish?
I am a never-ending work in progress. Not a day goes by that I don't dream of doing more, add things to my life to-do list, and wish that I had just a little more time. And guess what? That. Is. Okay.

10. If you lived in another decade, what would it be?
the 1950s. :)

photo source.

11. Tell us anything about yourself that you think is pretty cool. :)
In just a couple of short months, I'll have my masters degree in mental health counseling. :)

I hope you all are as inspired by Miss Amy as I am! Leave her some love over on her blog or right here on this post!


Carol Anne said...

This was a great feature! I am so excited about meeting her this weekend! <3

amy lapi said...

thanks for featuring me E! this is so fantastic! i'm so happy!! :)

CA, i'm so excited to meet you too! wish elaine could be there!! :)