Monday, March 15, 2010


***PLEASE NOTE! photo overload!***

My Spring break was pretty fantastic although FARRRR too short! I got a lot done that I wanted to. I always go into every weekend and vacation with a list of things I want to accomplish, things both necessary and fun to keep it real and productive. :)

Here was my list:

1.FAFSA. (financial aid paperwork and taxes.) check! (although no pictures from that. haha too boring.

2. HAIRCUT. Blunt bangs. VERY 20s inspired.

Also very Mila via Project Runway inspired! (more and better pictures to come!)

3. SCRAPBOOK. Got my engagement album done and another 2-page spread. Not as much as I'd hoped, but I'm doing a LOT of art journaling this week to make up for it!

4. READ FOR PLEASURE. That's a big fat no. This is the ONLY thing I didn't get done on my list. A shame too because it's one of the best ones. I'm currently reading this book and it's pretty fantastic so far:

'Lucky' by Alice Sebold

5. TAKE DRIVING TEST. Yes my friends... I did not have my driver's license before this week. Age 22 and no way to drive. But I do now! I FINALLY took my test after 6 years and passed!

6. WEDDING THINGS. I already covered this earlier on another post. :)

7. ADVENTURE TO INDY WITH IAN. yayyyy! We went to the Indianapolis Zoo (again) and to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We brought my sister too. :)

At the art museum, I got VERY inspired and had some time to sit on a bench inside and draw my own versions of some pieces.

8. SEE BEAUTY & THE BEAST. (at my high school.) It was sooooo magical! I fell in love. I miss theater :( Best times of my high school life I think! Here's a video clip from our high school's production this year:

So that was my Spring Break. Loved it. Lots done, lots of fun, but now it's over and I'm back to reality. haha Sorry this was so long! Off to try and get this school day over with so I can SCRAP!


mel said...

sounds like you had a great week!
i like your haircut - and the pic of the giraffe!!
have fun scrapping :)

Jamie said...

Great pictures and adventures!!! Sounds like an awesome break to me!!! We should take the boys to the Indy Zoo next time we're there. Love your scrap pages!

Lehua Ruble said...

love the new bangs! and so lealous over your spring break. i wish i still got a spring break! let alone, a few days off of work!

PaperCameraScissor said...

I can't get over how many things you had done. Looks like you had an awesome spring break.

carly. said...

cute bangs!!
looks like you are having a blast which is wonderful to see & hear. also, i have a secret...i'll be 24 in june...i HAD my G1 when i was 16, waited 5 years, it expired and then never got my G2 so now i have to start alllll over haha. lame!

amy lapi said...

i have a sudden urge to see beauty and the beast on broadway. it's my fave show :)

Summer Rae said...

I read 'Lucky' a few years ago and LOVED it. Such a great book. I just finished 'The Lovely Bones' too. Love your blog!