Friday, March 5, 2010

Beach bummed :(

I'm fine with my life until I read facebook and twitter.
And then I read that everyone and their MOTHER is going on vacation.
Everyone is either going to New York, or the beach, or to Springfield...
and it makes me like... very depressed that I can't go.
I have no money.
and no car.
and no plane tickets to anywhere.
So as excited as I am to scrapbook, I'd take a trip.
I would kill to be getting in an SUV and heading South right now.
But instead, I'm stuck in Indiana.
with no leaves on the trees,
no warm weather,
and no plans to do anything remotely exciting.

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Lucy said...

Don't feel singled out. I'm stuck in Indiana as well. :)

Rosa said...

I hate that feeling. Most of my spring breaks, I couldn't afford to take a trip or go anywhere. But find time to do all of the fun, crazy, spontaneous, late-night things you can never do during a regular school week and you'll still have a blast. :)

ABandGeek88 said...

I know how you feel :-(

But don't worry, I'll keep you company on twitter, etc :-)

And if you want to take a SHORT trip, you can always come to Ohio!! :-)

PaperCameraScissor said...

I know how you feel. I want to be in Springfield right now too. I would love to see you, Elsie, Jamie, Janel and Lindsay in real life.

btw I am in Ohio also---:D

amy lapi said...

we wish you were here, E!!

favoraunt said...

Don't feel bad. I live an hour from the beach but never get to go!!!