Thursday, January 22, 2009

So I'm in that place right now

So I've heard and read that there are 3 stages to inspiration:
1. thrifting and scouring
2. checking out other people's stuff and just soaking it all in.
3. making making making everything in sight

Right now I'm on stage #2. I have been just browsing and looking at everything I can lately. Google Reader has been my friend in letting me know when my sources of inspo have updated and I've also been a Flickr WHORE lately. hahaha Basically I just want to share with you all some of the things that have got the right side of my brain working.

#1. I found this online somewhere. Unfortuneately I have NO idea where I got it but I decided that I have GOT to have this for my little girl someday. I read that it was like $46,000 or something which is completely ridic but i think Daddy can make for like...$200 maybe less. It's just so magical. Mmm.

#2. I forgot to post this the other day, but this is a new obsession of mine: button and ribbon headbands! We got some fun inspo and patterns from the Elsie*cake class I took and I love what I came up with for this. This is just a funny little photo I took of it hahaha.

#3.Chalkboard paint has really got me goin lately. I want some SOOO bad. My future studio will have closet doors with chalkboard paint like this I think:

Thanks suziebeezie and Bianca for the pics. lol
#4. THE RED VELVET ART STORE! I'm so freakin excited for this to open! I'm going to take my next paycheck and buy a bunch of cute stuffff! I think its like...9 days to go! Go here to check out more cute pics, products and cuteness peeks for Elsie's upcaoming STORE!

#5. I did something bad the other day and bought another journal. Buying another journal is exactly what I DON'T need...because I have so many *bashful smile* but i couldn't resist this one. I saw it on Elsie Blaha's blog. She had got it as a gift and I thought a 5 year journal was THE COOLEST idea ever So I went on Amazon and got myself one on sale for $10.00! Hopefully it gets here soon because I'm impatient.

#5. I've been taking a course this semester called The Art of the Fairy Tale. So far its been really inspiring. We had a handout the other day that had some really good pull-out quotes in my opinion. The stories I've found the most inspiring so far that we've discussed are A Little Princess and a few others that are just so....ugh. Little girl and lovely. :]

#6. New prompt up at The Art is Found! Mobiles this week and I'm in sheer love. I'm going to hang one on my mirror. I'm not sure what I want it to say yet, but something beautiful to get me going in the morning. :] I'm seriously so inspired by those girls.

#7.Does anyone else read Design SPonge? Well you will now. They have the most inspiring images, seriously. I've been scouring their blog every day and the great thing is that they update ALL THE TIME. There's always at least 2-3 entried waiting for me each morning. YUM.

#8. I've been chomping at the bit to re-do my inspiration board and wire. MAN am I ready to do that. But I want to sit down and find little snippets of things to put up and stuff and I haven't had the time to do that yet. Here's some of my fave inspo at the mo to kick start me though:

I know I already posted some of these on my Inspiration Board Tutorial, but I liked them so much I'm posting them again. lol You can click here for my flickr mosaic and credits.
#9. To close, here's another few images from flickr that are just really rockin my socks off as of late:

Hey by the way, I forgot to tell you guys to go check out Gayle's new blog! She's got TONS of fun stuff going on over there and she's def one of my new reads!

ALright, hope you guys got some sickly awesome inspiration from this. I know that's the place I'm in right now.


blakeanyear said...

1. that bed is ridiculous. $46,000 for a bed? whoa. but it's pretty BA.
2. there's actually paint that mimics a chalkboard? my mind has just been blown.

Gayle said...

Aww thanks for linking to my blog! (Now I feel the pressure to update more often) ;) I love reading your long posts! Do you read Black Eiffel? ( It's on my must read list and I think you would like it! Enjoy!