Monday, March 24, 2008

Its Dino Mini Time!!!

Finally this is the mini book I've been working on! This particular book is about my trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum with Ian and Greg over Spring Break. Believe it or not, this thing took forever! But dang is it cute or what?

I actually ended up MAKING the binding and everything just out of paper. I was going to put it in a book, but i decided personal touch would be more fun.

The title of this mini is in regards to Ian's response after driving around lost for an hour in Indy. We finally found a paralell parking spot and asked a business man for directions who made it sound so EASY. eyeroll. Ian's response to his nonchalant answer was "Really?" in a high pitched voice. hahaha. It was really frustrating, but now its funny and makes a good story. :)

(single sheet paper: Paper Studio, mini spool ribbon from Crafts etc., wood cut out, textured cardstock brights, random paper scraps, date stamp, Stampin Up Seeing Spots set, dinosaur stamps, ink, hole punch, bold and fine tip colored Sharpies, Paper Studio Road Trip stickers, staples, colored office labels, Children's Museum map, Tree of Promise post-its, Sticko script sticker letters, Children's writing tablet paper, JoAnn's page marker tab, white cardstock, glue stick, TIME!!!)


lauren said...

oh wow! it's DINO-licious! (ok, that doesn't make sense...but i wanted to say something cool and original to reflect the coolness and the originality of your FAB minibook!)

Alexandra Rae said...

Super cool! I love stalking back to these things!

How did you do the binding?