Sunday, March 16, 2008

Creature of Bad Habit?

I got this done SOOO long ago, but I was on break, so I'm just now uploading. haha. I found this page humorous. I don't really know why. Its just that I have a LOT of habits... but i chose this one. lol.

The text reads: "No matter where I eat, I always get a hamburger: the all-american favorite! Creature of habit..."

(cricut cut letters from card stock, Sticko Scrabble letters, single sheet patterned paper, random paper scraps, blue ink, black ink, date stamp, bronze brads, Sharpie, old children's flashcard)


Marjolein said...

Ha, ha, this is great!! Love it, nice bright colors and a great habit!

EliseBlaha said...

the circled "cattle" is fantastic. love this.

Je@net said...

Whahaha, what a cool page!! Just love it!

lauren said...

i love everything about this...but that FLASHCARD!!!!!!!!!! omg! absolutely divine!

(ps: we had THE BEST burgers on saturday...YUM...)

(pss: could not agree more re DYMO labellers...i'm SO into dymo-ed journalling right now!)

xolauren :)