Thursday, January 3, 2008

Over Zealous?

Mmm uh...i added a few goals.
MAN am i motivated or WHAT?
I was sitting in Burger King today with Ian eating my Chicken strips (Which are surprisingly HALF the calories of what i normally eat there according to the handy dandy little "nutrition" board) and i ripped the corner off of an HHGregg ad and made yet another list. I just can't stay away. lol. I decided that i should really push myself this year. Not to my breaking point, but i know i can do better and a few of my goals are fun anyway, so what the hell. New list of small and BIG goals for 2008:

save money
lose weight
make the Dean's List
dress better
don't bite my fingernails
no soda
make/finish mini albums
stay OUT of college drama
let my hair grow
actively TRY NEW FOODS!

that's not so bad. I mean...letting my hair grow? all that is is self control. and everything else has been a success so far. Its the THIRD DAY!!! So far, so good!

Well my to-do list for back to college is shrinking, yet also growing. i got my eyebrows waxed today and picked up my new glasses yesterday. my dentist appointment was cancelled due to the fact that I chose not to go. LOL. but...I'm just not sure I'm ready to go back yet. Don't make me. I love just staying home and crafting all the time. :)

I want to make a career out of just crafting. Some professional crafter out there, I NEED ADVICE!!!

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