Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Newfound art confidence!

These are some of the layouts from my new It Book!!!! There were too many pages to post, so i picked my favorites. They are things from magazines I saved and added fitting quotes. I think this is something i can work on for awhile because there's lots of room in the book!

THESE are form the altered book page a made last night! I got my new art books in and i flipped through the pages with excitement and i realized that my new favorite technique is layering. This page has a layer of paint, medium, more paint, images, tissue, stamps, paint, and tissue. They are images from Zodiac stamps i just had laying around. I decided to roll back the tissue on each image so there was a better view of them through the layers. I really really like it and i think it came out beautifully and very layer-y. haha

(acrylic paints, crackle medium, tissue paper, Zodiac images, paste)

I still want to do my altered book tutorial...i just need to find the time, but it's goign to be soon!!!

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