Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Craft Happenings in the Life

These are the CRAFT books i bought on Amazon last night. Oh man I'm so excited for them to get here! They're books on Altered Books and Visual Journaling. I'm ready to browse through them and ENJOY MY NEW CHEAP BOOOOOKKKSSS!

RIght now I'm working on my own version of the idea clothesline thing I've seen all over every craft blog.
Something like this:

I bought some heart gem garland from Target and I'm excited to get it going as well.

I think the Paper:08 prompt for this week is SOOOOO easy and I'm really ready to do it. Elise is doing a great job with putting this together! This week the operation is freezing a day in the life and recording a to-do list of everything you do so that years from now you will know EXACTLY what you were doing. Isn't that awesome? FINALLY my anal to-do lists come in handy!

Wellllll I realize i really need to post my Daily Cards, but I'm working on trying to create a side link leading you to them so they don't clog up my homepage. But that's another story!...

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Kara said...

The books look awesome! I love the internet for inpsiration, but nothing beats actual paper. Have fun the clothesline, i have one up and totally love it!